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Just out of the Oven Candied Pecans!!

From our Kitchen to your door! Our candy pecans are made fresh weekly so be ensured to receive the best product we have to offer! 

Shelled Pecans!

Fresh Shelled Pecans And Candy Pecans!! Walker Pecans are never setting on a self getting old! From the sheller and kitchen to you! 

Our Main Goal!

Our team is made up of experienced people whose main aim is to provide the best customer service possible. We serve many customers on a daily basis.Our customer... Learn more


Buy 5 of any selection of pecan or pecan flavors and get one free! The 1 free will be shipped with your order!

"Please specify when ordering which flavors you perfer." 

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Evelyn Rodriguez

7 months ago
They are so good! I got mine delivered fast and also got a note to message them just so they can make sure I received my order and wasn’t lo...
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